JoPaulo Naturals Organics ~ Internationally Est Since 1991

Welcome to JoPaulo Naturals Organics, a clean air eco~organic salon and boutique. JoPaulo has been providing beautiful organic hair and beauty services for over 30 years with experience and work in Trichology based principles with up~to~date science and health research.

JoPaulo’s commitment is to offer you a more natural and organic experience and to be as chemically free as possible. Healthy hair comes from within and what you put into your body, on your skin and hair directly influences your health.

JoPaulo will work with you on creating and achieving your desired hair goals with his designer cuts as and guide you on how to maximize your style whilst adding health to your hair and scalp.


  • Artificial Fragrance Free & Clean Air Salon

  • Be As Chemically Free As We Can Be

  • Personal One On One Service (no double bookings)

  • Scheduled Appointments Run On Time

  • Use Trichology Based Principles

  • Address Problematic Hair & Scalp Issues

  • Accentuate One’s Natural Beauty

  • Offer A Healthier Alternative

  • Calming Environment

  • Friendly Atmosphere

  • Hair & Skin Product Refill Program

  • Eco - Friendly

  • Vegan Friendly

  • Essential Oils Used (no artificial fragrances)

  • Natural Organic Hair & Skin Care Products

  • Nutritional & Natural/Organic Exotic Supplements


  • Curling Irons

  • Flat Irons

  • Hair Spray

  • Artificial Scented Products

  • Silicone Products

  • Hennas

  • Perms

  • Waves

  • Relaxers

  • Straighteners

  • Brazilian Blow Outs

  • Japanese Straighteners

  • Keratin Treatments

  • Ammonia Dyes

  • PPD & PTD Dyes

  • Phthalates

  • Formaldehyde

  • Nail Polish

A Unique Synergy Where the Integrity of the Hair & Health Is Never Compromised

Founder / London Trained Designer Hair Stylist

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From London to southern Africa, the Mediterranean and West Hollywood, JoPaulo brings his world-class techniques and performance to California. As a master of his profession and an award-winning, London trained designer hair stylist, JoPaulo’s experience in Trichology- based principles, Advanced Clinical Nutrition and signature line of products help deliver amazing results every time.

JoPaulo is best known for bringing out your natural and unique beauty to the full - beautiful. His unparalleled attention to detail helps create an amazing haircut and color experience for his guests. Haircuts are easy to style and grow out beautifully, even weeks beyond the average due maintenance date and with little to no styling aides. His own exclusive designs make him a sought-after stylist, with guests traveling from far and wide.

An African Portuguese native born and raised in Southern Africa, JoPaulo currently resides in Ventura, California.


Artist / Skin Care Specialist / Salon Manager

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A life long Californian, Heather exceeds all expectations in skin care and health. With over 15 years in the profession she has a loyal following and is also the go-to skin therapist to other spa professionals. Her attention to detail is impeccable and can be seen in all areas of her work.

Heather provides a range of beauty services including facials, waxing, massage, makeup and more while customizing her services specific to her client’s needs. Her goal is to indulge her clients in the ultimate experience free from nasty toxins that still deliver high quality results.

It’s more than just seeing the improvement and the long lasting results but also being relaxed and pampered in a welcoming environment.

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If you are booking for a color service and are a new guest to JoPaulo Salon, a free consultation is required prior to booking an appointment.

Wednesday to Saturday - OPEN


Sunday to Tuesday - CLOSED

Phone: 805-765-1772

1821 E Main St - Ventura, CA 93001

New Guests To JoPaulo - Please Read Before Submitting The Contact Form Below

Price Quotes, Consultations & Service Duration

It has been our experience that giving a price quote over the phone is commonly higher in comparison than the actual day of the service. Consultations have shown to eliminate certain services not needed. Typical service time duration too can change due to hair texture, health and many other contributing factors.

If you are a guest requesting a color change or correction, whether you applied your own hair dye or at another salon, it is required to set up an appointment for a free consultation prior to booking a color service. Typically this oftentimes is much longer in duration than a normal color service. This is also a good time to have a skin allergy test if you have sensitive skin.

By Appointment Only

All booking requests should be done by phone, text or emails. JoPaulo does not do walk-ins for hair services and appointment requests. We typically return our calls, emails and texts within 24 hours or less during our operating days (Wednesday to Saturday). It is advised to reserve your appointment(s) with JoPaulo at least 2 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment. Optionally, we can also put your name on our waiting list in case a cancellation occurs.

Arrival Time & Payment

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for your appointment, we do not have additional waiting space at the salon. Our preferred payment method is credit/debit card. Please bring exact change if you plan to pay with cash.

Salon Policy & Etiquette

Arrival Time & Payment

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for your appointment, we do not have additional waiting space at the salon. Our preferred payment method is credit/debit card. Please bring exact change if you plan to pay with cash.

Late Arrivals

While we ask that our clients try to arrive on time for their appointment, we understand that sometimes there is nothing you can do about being a few minutes late or more. If you are late by 20 minutes or more your services may be altered to fit the remaining time and you may still be responsible for the full amount of the services booked. On some occasions we may have to cancel or reschedule your next visit.

JoPaulo and Heather like to give generous one-on-one time with their services. If you think you may be late for your appointment, please call and let us know 30 to 60 minutes beforehand. JoPaulo very rarely runs late and if this happens we will notify you 30 to 60 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

No Shows & Cancellations

We understand that sometimes you may need to change your booking – we kindly request 48 hours notice. No-shows and last minute cancellations enormously disadvantage both our business and other clients.Clients who no-show on numerous occasion will be required to pay in full before any appointments are booked. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and we will continue to try to keep things fair for all of our clients.

Cell Phones

Although we do not mind you using your cell phone, please do so responsibly and with respect to other clients and their stylists. Keep in mind that talking or texting on the phone makes it difficult for a stylist to do their job effectively and may result in an uneven cut or color. This can impact your service and corrections needed may not be possible if your service time is over.

Product Recommendations

If you have spent money and time to get that beautiful hair color, using the right shampoo and conditioner will extend the life of that hair color and help you achieve similar styling results. It truly does make a difference and may reduce frequent visits to the salon. If it’s not in your budget to take home all of what JoPaulo recommends, ask which ones are the most important, then add to your collection with each visit. Note: Ask us about our product guarantee and how you can save using our product refill option.

7 Day Service Guarantee

We understand sometimes we see things differently, therefore we have a 7 days guarantee policy (pending management approval). If you are unsure about your color or hair cut, please contact us as soon as possible within this time period so JoPaulo can take care of your concerns at no cost to you. We have a no refund policy on services completed and after the 7 day guarantee time period a change of mind may be charged up to full price.

Hair Color Tip: During your service, JoPaulo will likely recommend hair care products that will protect your color and maintain the health of your hair. If you have spent money and time to get that beautiful hair color, using the right shampoo and conditioner will extend the life of that hair.

No Tips Required

For JoPaulo clients only - Although appreciated JoPaulo does not expect tips. If you feel the need to JoPaulo would rather you purchase the recommended retail product/s to insure you look and feel your very best in between visits. And the greatest compliment you can give JoPaulo is a referral of a friend or family member.

Rewards Program

If you love your hair, let your friends and family know to mention your name when they book an appointment, and you’ll receive $20 off your next visit.