Getting A Stuck Brush Out Of Your Hair – The Quick & Easy Way

Getting A Stuck Brush Out Of Your Hair – The Quick & Easy Way

At times when blow drying, hair can get tangled in a brush. This can happen for a number of reasons brought on by either poor blow drying techniques, the brush you are using is too small for your hair length or your hair is severely dry and damaged. The usual advice consists of endless hours of work, and at times even having to cut the hair. If you or your hairdresser encounters this problem, there is a simple, quick and pain-free solution that I have applied for over 20 years and it works every single time.

The Quick & Easy Solution:

Switch your hair dryer to the “cold shot” setting (if your hair dryer has this feature) and gently pry your brush away from your tangled hair whilst blow drying it. Within seconds to a couple of minutes, (determined by the severity of the tangle) the hair will loosen from the brush. That easy!

Here Are A Few Useful Prevention Tips:

  • Always use a slightly bigger brush than the one you are using. If you have been growing your hair, the same brush you use no longer applies, you will need a bigger brush.

  • Your blow drying parting sections should be the same thickness as the diameter of your brush. Thicker sections will lead to tangles.

  • Work to getting your hair into good condition, if its dry and brittle avoid hot styling tools at all costs (more about this in another upcoming article).

  • Use shampoos and conditioners with the right essential oils for your hair. These oils are the only oils capable of penetrating the cuticles of the hair fully, building strength within the hair and repairing it effectively. Ensure that the conditioner you are using has the right kind of protective oils to help maintain the moisture of the hair that is being repaired.

  • Avoid all forms of mineral oils and silicones as these build up over time and draw out the natural moisture of the hair increasing further damage. Most heat protectant styling products do not work. Over time the hair will become dryer and easily tangle.

Where It Matters The Most

Like all products, learning the difference between what nourishes the hair versus the short term silky feel of a “quick fix” product makes all the difference to long lasting beautiful, natural and tangle free hair. In the long run, you may not need to spend so much time blow drying, or even drying your hair at all. Healthier hair retains more elasticity which requires little to no work when blow drying. Dry and damaged hair on the other hand, like straw, is harder to control or tame which requires more work with unpredictable results.

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