Daily Hair Washing To Prevent Hair Loss & Scalp Infections

Daily Hair Washing To Prevent Hair Loss & Scalp InfectionsAlthough there are many factors that cause hair loss like nutritional deficiencies, hereditary, stress, medications, improper hair care etc. What is often overlooked is the lack of washing the scalp daily. It stands to reason if we wash our bodies daily to rid it of sweat which attracts dirt and pollutants from our environment, surely the scalp needs the same care. The scalp and hair can gather more dirt due to its sweaty and oily nature.

If you were to look at an unwashed scalp under a microscope after one or two days, you would be quite surprised at the level of dirt you may accumulate. This dirt may transfer to your pillowcases, hats etc, which leads to there is a risk of the recurring spread of bacteria, dandruff and other related issues of the scalp.

Sebum Plugs

The scalp naturally secretes it’s own oil which formed by the sebaceous gland. This oil is known as Sebum, and the amount of Sebum we produce can differ from person to person. Its purpose is to keep the hair moisturized and healthy. Sebum, when secreted becomes partially solid and when overproduction occurs or when hair is not washed regularly Sebum plugs form. The oil begins to solidify on the surface of the scalp around the hair roots. When this occurs and any attempt to remove it through washing or scratching the scalp, may run the risk of hair loss/fall.

Fungal Infections, Bacteria & Severe Hair Loss

Fungi feeds on Sebum and spreads very easily on an oily scalp. This leads to persistent scalp irritation and itchiness, including re-occurring dandruff even after washing is usually the common symptoms along with hair loss which may lead to baldness. Keeping your Sebum under control is very crucial for prevention of infections and bacteria, and may reverse the hair loss associated with it. As an extra precaution, exposure to infrequently washed pillow cases and hats, uncleaned combs, rancid hair products (not preserved properly) and dirty or contaminated water is best avoided.

Hair Care Guide

Regular hair washing is crucial to avoid the sebum remaining on the scalp long enough for plugs to form, therefore reducing the risk of causing any damage to the hair. Unless you are not exposed to the outdoors often and have a healthy scalp, every other day washing is enough to keep up a healthy scalp and head of hair. Avoid any oil treatments on the scalp.

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In an upcoming article, I cover the usual concerns and myths that most people have on daily hair washing, from stripping the hair of its moisture and or salon hair dye. I go over how most of us practice the wrong method of washing and conditioning, and what ingredients to look for if you are dealing with persistent dandruff or other scalp issues. Also, learning how to keep up the right pH level for your hair type in regards to hair products and how water counteracts this, regardless how specialized, organic, and natural or pH specific your shampoo or conditioner is.

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