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JoPaulo has been providing beautiful organic hair and beauty services for over 30 years with experience and work in Trichology based principles. He is best known for being ahead of the trends by blending his own exclusive designer hair cuts and techniques to best suit or accentuate one’s natural beauty.

JoPaulo’s commitment is to offer you a more natural and organic experience using only chemically low, PPD, PTD and ammonia-free color. He firmly believes what you put into your body, on your skin and hair directly influences your health. JoPaulo is constantly committed to improving his methods and products towards a healthier and safer alternative.

created to be different



We respond to the ever-changing nature of our skin and well being helping it to be its very best, look and feel younger. Let us find results for concerns such as early ageing, sun damage, sensitivity, redness, hyper-pigmentation and congestion. We look, listen and tune into personalized treatments and home care as well as offer diet tips to make your skin glow from the inside out.

JoPaulo products is the go-to if you’re tired of using skin care that doesn’t work. Preserving and enhancing your own natural beauty through the use of our organic natural products and our relaxing personal skin care services offered by Heather our skin care specialist and makeup artist.




Founder / London Trained Designer Hair Stylist

JoPaulo is best known for bringing out your natural and unique beauty to the full (beautiful). His unparalleled attention to detail helps create an amazing haircut and color experience for his guests. Haircuts are easy to style and grow out beautifully, even weeks beyond the average due maintenance date and with little to no styling aides. His own exclusive designs make him a sought-after stylist, with guests traveling from far and wide.

From London to southern Africa, the Mediterranean and West Hollywood, JoPaulo brings his world-class techniques and performance to California. As a master of his profession and an award-winning, London trained designer hair stylist, JoPaulo’s experience in Trichology- based principles, Advanced Clinical Nutrition and signature line of products help deliver amazing results every time.

An African Portuguese native born and raised in Southern Africa, JoPaulo currently resides in Ventura, California.


Artist / Skin Care Specialist / Salon Coordinator

A life long Californian, Heather exceeds all expectations in skin care and health. With over 15 years in the profession she has a loyal following and is also the go-to skin therapist to other spa professionals. Her attention to detail is impeccable and can be seen in all areas of her work.

Heather provides a range of beauty services including facials, waxing, massage, makeup and more while customizing her services specific to her client’s needs. Her goal is to indulge her clients in the ultimate experience free from nasty toxins that still deliver high quality results.

It’s more than just seeing the improvement and the long lasting results but also being relaxed and pampered in a welcoming environment.