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1. Get Excited About Your Hair Again.

JoPaulo is best known for bringing out your natural and unique beauty to the full by being ahead of the trends by blending his own exclusive designs in the safest and natural way possible.

JoPaulo’s unparalleled attention to detail helps create an amazing haircut and color experience for his clients, resulting in haircuts that are easy to style and grow out beautifully, even weeks beyond the average due maintenance date, and with little to no styling aides needed.

2. Hair Care Simplified

As a London trained hair stylist certified in Advanced Clinical Nutrition and extensive knowledge in * trichology, JoPaulo strove to create his own naturally sourced products when he became alarmed by the questionable synthetic substances and lack of transparency found in many commercial beauty products.

His research into some natural and organic products also revealed some were infected with microbes, mold, yeast and dangerous bacteria due to lack of preservatives.

Fifteen years on and his signature line of natural, organic products have continued to deliver visible results to the scalp, hair and skin, achieving a lot more with less in a short amount of time.

3. Be You To The Full Naturally.

JoPaulo’s commitment is to offer you a more natural, chemical free and where possible an organic experience. He firmly believes what you put you into your body, on your skin and hair directly influences your health.

JoPaulo uses only chemically low, PPD, PTD and ammonia-free color and is constantly committed to researching the hair color industry for healthier and safer alternatives.

* A trichologist specializes in all matters relating to hair and scalp health. Trichology, like other scientific specialisms, takes a holistic approach to treatment, which involves taking into account lifestyle, diet and well-being as a whole, as well as the signs and symptoms present.

Infuse & Indulge

Love Your Skin.

We respond to the ever-changing nature of our skin and well being helping it to be its very best, look and feel younger. Let us find results for concerns such as early ageing, sun damage, sensitivity, redness, hyper-pigmentation and congestion. We also offer diet tips to make your skin glow from the inside out. 

Our products is the go-to if you’re tired of using skin care that doesn’t work. Preserving and enhancing your own natural beauty through the use of our organic natural products and our relaxing personal service. We also look, listen and tune into personalized treatments and home care.

Massage – Facials – Waxing – Makeup


Refill & Reuse

JoPaulo has an excellent range of eco friendly, organic and natural range of hair, cosmetics, and skin care products that are refillable.  This includes also loose teas, exotic health products and spices from around the world. This helps to minimize waste and our impact on the environment.

With over 12  years into this program, JoPaulo has prevented thousands of plastic containers being dumped in landfills, oceans and rivers.

Here in America we discard over 3 billion single-use plastic personal care items every year.  Help save our planet, save money, and go green by participating in our product refill program.  Return your empty bottles of products purchased at JoPaulo Salon and fill them back up for a 20% discount off the original price.

With color aesthetics & long-term health in mind

Our Hair Colors.

1. Precious Nature

An ideal color line for even those who are extremely sensitive.  NO ammonia, PPD or resorcinol.   Contains Vitamins and minerals, and no animal testing.  Formulated with sugar, rice milk, cherries and other special natural ingredients, a perfect recipe for an irresistible color and shine.  Smells divine too!

More Info – An in-salon consultation is required first before booking an appointment for this color line.

Price Range: $$$$

no ammonia, PPD or resorcinol hair color
no ammonia, PPD or resorcinol hair color

2. High Performance Dyes

Dermatologist recommended.  Contains no ammonia, peroxide, PPDs or TDS.  Available in natural to dramatic colors. Imparts color without oxidation, ammonia, or alkalinity.  Radiant hair color without any damage as well as repairing the hair’s structure.  Enjoy healthy looking hair that reflects unprecedented shine.

More Info – An in-salon consultation is required first before booking an appointment for this color line.

Price Range: $$$

3. Ionic Shine

Experience incredible shine and reflection to your hair that holds up to three times its weight in moisture and 30% longer lasting color. Delivering maximum color penetration into the hair with  radiance and longevity.  Contains 17 amino acids from silk along with Olive and Brazilian Nut oils and Aloe.   Ammonia free.

More Info – If you are a new client it is always advisable to come in for a skin sensitivity test first.

Price Range: $


Designer Stylist

From London to southern Africa, to the Mediterranean and West Hollywood, JoPaulo brings his world-class techniques and performance to Ventura, California. JoPaulo’s experience and work in Trichology based principles, Advanced Clinical Nutrition, and his signature line of natural organic hair products result in a unique synergy where the integrity of the hair is never compromised.

A master of his profession, JoPaulo is an award-winning London trained Designer Hair Stylist and educator. JoPaulo’s unparalleled attention to detail help create an amazing hair cut and color experience for his clients. Haircuts are easy to style and grow out beautifully weeks beyond the average due maintenance date with little to no styling aides needed. His own exclusive designs, make him a sought-after stylist with clients traveling from far and wide.

An African Portuguese native born and raised in Southern Africa, JoPauo now resides in sunny California


skin Care Specialist

A life long Californian, Heather exceeds all expectations in skin care and health. With over 13 years in the profession, she has a loyal following and is also the secret go-to skin therapist to other spa professionals. 

With her full suite of services including massages, facials, spa body treatments, full body waxing, lash and brow tinting, and makeup services, Heather’s goal is to indulge her clients in the ultimate experience.

Customizing her services to specific client needs using the JoPaulo Naturals and Organics skin care line, her attention to detail is impeccable and can be seen in her work. 

It’s more than just seeing the improvement and the long lasting results but also being relaxed and pampered in a welcoming environment.